Geddes Ulinskas Architects


San Francisco's historic Mills Tower located in the Financial District is home to Geddes Ulinskas Architects. The juxtaposition of the structure's solid Romanesque exterior with GUA's modern light-filled workspace examines the dialog between old and new vernaculars.

Each of the firm's projects takes into account the diverse topography of the Bay Area. GUA's portfolio features buildings set in both verdant and urban landscapes. They develop sleek contemporary envelopes to highlight outward views of water, land, and sky and interior vistas showcasing art, furnishings, and objects. Focusing on innovative materials and details, they lead and collaborate with the premier contractors, construction managers, and design consultants.  

Every project addresses a different site and context. GUA's passion for good design unifies all of their work. The exceptional quality of their output is a result of an ability to listen and understand each client's vision. GUA translates the communications between designer and client into physical form. With a strong reputation among both clients and colleagues, the firm welcomes architectural commissions in the Bay Area and beyond.